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Nuclear power plants

We provide various services for nuclear power plants:


Testing of WWER and PWR type nuclear power plants components and parts of safety class equipment, such as reactor vessel and its internals, steam generator tubes, collector ligaments and collector welds, pressure vessels, main circulation pump, flange of reactor pressure vessel, reactor pressure vessel head, bolts, threaded holes, piping weld and elbows, shells on primary circuit components, T-welds on tubes to pipe connections and others.


Development of 4-year and 10-year equipment testing programs, in accordance with the Russian and USA regulations.

Development of non-destructive techniques including procedure qualification.

Qualification of inspection systems according to the RD EO 0487-05, ENIQ, IAEA and ASME Code Sec. XI / PDI methodologies.

Balance of plant (BOP) equipment testing on the nuclear power plants, such as heat exchangers, piping, turbines, generators, valves, pumps, etc.

Training of personnel for performing non-destructive testing in nuclear power plants.